It has taken a twenty-five years of passionate dedication, research and commitment to complete the interior design projects that have been held so close to my heart.  I marvel in couture fabrics, fine furnishings, vintage inspired furniture, 1880's French & Italian Antiques and Ralph Lauren everything.  Though some influences derive from France, Italy and England, my heart is in Midwest America where I hang my hat, coat and kick the muck boots off at the door.  The projects I have worked on are full of family gatherings, hunters, dogs, friends, dinner parties, band nights, gardening projects, barbequing and multiple places to enjoy an ice cold beer.  The little details (to me) are clap-your-hands exciting.  I get goosebumps and the hair on my arms stands up when the perfect tile, sink or outdoor street faucet from France are found for the perfect place in the home.   The thrill of finding that last piece to complete each phase never gets old.  
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